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Property Maintenance


You don’t have to spend hours on grounds maintenance to enjoy a lush, beautiful landscape. Keep up with your landscape maintenance – and the demands of your lifestyle – with help from Martino Landscape.

Spring Cleaning 
  • (April)

  • Clear lawn of any debris

  • Edge flower beds

  • Remove leaves  

Shrub Pruning 
  • (May 1st - October 30th)

  • Regularly-scheduled maintenance visits 

  • Edge trimming

  • Flower bed edging

  • Blowing any debris off walkways, decks, stairs and driveways

  • We provide a clean, reliable service for our customers    

Fall Clean up
  • (July-September or as needed)

  • Specialized Personal 

  • Flowers maintenance

  • Shrub trimming and shapin

  • (November)

  • Clean up of Fall Leaves from property

  • Leaf removal as needed

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