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Outdoor Living Spaces


Make a Timeless Investment That You, Family and Friends Will Love!


This year there’s a tremendous opportunity to add great value to your property. Outdoor living spaces have become a wildly popular phenomenon among our area and especially with fine homes. But an outdoor living space not only adds tremendous value, it provides a wonderful entertainment space. Ideal for lavish parties, get-togethers, or quite evenings, all just a few steps away from the back door. We are a top producer in our area, in fact, its likely have already done several projects for your neighbors…


Martino Landscape are the top experts, we can do all this for you, make the project unique and special while having the process smoother than you ever imagined.

Outdoor Living Spaces


  • Professional in house design 

  • Outdoor Kitchens 

  • Grills

  • Counter tops

  • Patios & Pool Decks

  • Custom Features 

Water Features


Ponds, fountains, and waterfalls introduce a sense of serenity and can bring you and your family hours of pleasure. In business settings, water features create focal points that are inviting to clients. Such touches add distinction to your outdoor spaces and can be complemented with eye-catching aquatic plantings.



Ilumination of walkways can prevent accidents. Lighting of driveways or other entrances can discourage intruders. Entertainment areas, distinctive architecture, or unusual plantings can all be enhanced with artful lightscaping.

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